Hello! I'm Pam! Nice to meet you! :D
Yep. Arashi owns my soul, soul too!♥ And my ichiban is Riida♥! There isn't really anything that's interesting about me. D: But I'd love to make more friends around here so, just add me up if you want to. :DD Yoroshiku ne? :3

Ohmiya Fanfic Recommendation Post

I was finally able to make one! Thanks to littlebadlei for kind of giving me the need/push to make this. xD
I don't get to leave a comment on fics that I have read most of the time. D: I'm really sorry authors! DX But that doesn't mean I love the fics any less. DX

I will just list Ohmiya, though the author might have wrote other pairings. I mostly just read Ohmiya so. xD

I will list by authors and it'll be alphabetical. I will also list the favorite fic I read from them if I can, but please do feel free to check out their whole page/masterpost so you can check all their works! :D <3

Here goes! :D



am1thirteenth / AO3




augustfai / singability

  • Clockwork - Summary: There's a clock on Ohno's wall, right across from his bed. (Also in this one, Ohno is a machine, Nino doesn't know the limits of his own body, and there are puppies and Aiba/Jun. Who's on crack, now?)

  • At the end of the Hook - Summary: Nino is going crazy while Ohno is out tanning. Or fishing. Or being a mermaid.

  • Encaustic - Summary: Come help with the farm. Art school won't miss you for one month, right? Ohno works on an acerola farm and Nino is the paper boy.

  • On this night in a million nights - Summary: "To seven days," Ohno says then, and raises his bottle to Nino's. "To a week." (Encaustic universe)



floweranza / pogonipkyflying_spacemanharuchy

  • The Alien

  • The Bouquet

  • Attempting an Aquarian Exposition

  • Words

  • Fallen Angels

honooko / Masterpost: abscondpress


  • An Angel's Heart

  • My Everything


jade_lil (one of my super favorites! ♥ i read all of the ohmiya she wrote, chaptered, oneshots, drabbles, i love them all, seriously! ♥ please check out her super organized masterpost! xD)

These are my favorites among my favorites: (chaptered) xD

  • I love you, Stranger

  • Assassins

  • Ohmiya Smut Saga

  • Forever

  • Yellow Blue


kailice / motsjustes



lotus / yourbonesshake


ltgmars / yoymisogorgeous / AO3

littlebadleimicodeavimokohnomorninglights / nice_novelising

  • Masterlist

  • The Days Fall Apart in your Hands

  • Destiny Calls

  • Remarkable


nicefinalbeam / memorizebyheart

notredestiny / eufrastina and dthnhi's fanfic community

oneterrorist / our_crime


saturn_necklace / fabulise






  • Love you one more time

  • Rumors

  • Wolf

  • Hidden Garden

  • Robot AU

  • Castle AU

theotheralissa (ohmiya tag)

woelvs / tumbledish
(This isn't done yet I still have a lot to list down. DX)

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My phone screenshot collection....?

I change my phone's wallpaper and theme almost everyday, but once I change them, I sorta start to miss having them right away, D8 so I decided to make this post to keep track of what I already used. Kinda like a scrapbook..? Lol. xD
[Click to open]

Screenshot_2013-08-13-16-12-47 Screenshot_2013-08-13-16-12-31

Screenshot_2013-08-17-06-17-36 Screenshot_2013-08-17-06-17-47 Screenshot_2013-08-17-06-18-23

Screenshot_2013-09-12-05-02-03 Screenshot_2013-09-12-05-02-13

Screenshot_2013-09-24-05-23-49 Screenshot_2013-09-24-05-23-59

Ohh, I got that black and white Ohmiya shot from the recent 24hr around here in lj. I think, maybe, someone shared it in the ohmiya comm..? I'm sorry I forgot who it was from, but, thank you for sharing the pic! If you somehow see this, please just leave a comment, so I can credit you properly! ^3^)


This scene popped out of my head last night while working, and it never left my mind 'til I got home and managed to watch it again. <3 *squeeeee* xD I kept grinning and smirking like a madman earlier, I think more and more ppl at work are starting to pull back from me now. xDD Oh Ohmiya, look at what you're doing to me! x3


Lol. Its just a doodle I made last Friday, while I'm in a meeting at work. xDD Its supposed to be Ochan while performing 'two' or at least his wearing the costume for two...? That's how I pictured it in my mind. I don't really draw, I suck at making the body, especially body with movements. OTL But, whatever, it was fun, and it made me awake throughout the meeting. xDD

Ohh. And if you happen to notice, at the top left corner of the tissue paper (yes, I used tissue to draw on), and the pen is a gift from a co-worker of mine, Lol! xDD aaaanyways, those are katakana characters (believe me or not.) DX I'm starting to self learn it, but I just suck. DX Oh well, I haven't lost interest in doing it yet, so, I'm just gonna continue, practice makes perfect, right? ;)

There. :3

Its about time I post something in my journal

I wanted to be more active here in my lj, but, I'm just too lazy at times, and I'm not really sure what to put here either, to be honest. D: So, I decided to just dump some gifs of Aozora pedal, I made awhile back, I posted it to my tumblr as well, but I'm not really active there, so... :3

Anyways, I hope to continue posting here like this, little by little. Uhmm, if ever someone's reading this, then, enjoy the gifs? :3 And have a nice weekend! :DD

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